Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello my friends

I had every intention on writing this post last night but that didn't
happen.  I got caught up watching the  Celebrity Apprentice.  Do you watch?
I really don't watch it faithfully, but I have caught an episode here and there.
It's kinda entertaining.  

We finally made it to Southern California about 4 days ago and I have to say
the weather has been heavenly.  I can see why my hubby was pushing so hard for
us to stay here for a month. But not all has gone as planned.
We were supposed to be in an RV park in Mission Bay.

We couldn't get in..


It's all right..  

Move on to plan B.

Having such a Big Rig makes it kinda tough,
We can't just get into any campground now.

We ended up in a park we had stayed at about 3 years ago.

and all is Good in our world.

We are about 7 blocks from Imperial Beach which we have been taking
full advantage of.  We have been taking early evening walks and catching the sunset.

So it's not always easy flying by the seat of your pants.
But don't panic, take deep breaths and have faith that all will turn out all right,
and sometimes even better.

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The song title this week is "Its all right"

Till next time my Lovely friends


A side note to all my friends that live back East
stay warm and safe.  I wish I could send some of this sunshine your way. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Imagine there's no Heaven,  It's easy if you try

No Hell below us, Above us only sky

Imagine all the People, Living for today.. 

I love this Beatles song and it is the song title this week
over at Song-ography. The crazy thing is, I know every word to this song but
never really paid attention to the meaning..

To tell you the truth I do hope there is a Heaven and Hell.
I think it keeps us just a little bit honest if you know what I mean.
But I sure do love the idea of living for today..

We were on our way to California and got side tracked..
We made a stop in Quartzsite, AZ.  The plan was just to stay one night and visit some 
friends.  That's the good part of being retired,  We just fly by the seats of our pants. 
So 3 days later we are still here with all the Crazy RVer's here Quartzsite.

I keep telling my husband the ocean is calling,
But we have one more change in our plans.  We are thinking about 
spending a couple of days in Palm Springs now.  Its on the way and we
have never been there. So why not.  I guess the ocean will have to wait. 

I want to say Thanks so much for all your kind comments my friends.
You definitely make me feel Loved.

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Till next time my friends.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy "2015"

As you can imagine a lot has happened since my last post.
We left the great state of Texas and made our way back to Las Vegas.

We have been here for almost a month and I have to tell you it has been
a whirlwind since we got here.  Not only the business of the Holiday's and catching
up with friends and family, we also had to catch up on all our doctors
appointments since we won't be back here for awhile.

For those of you who are here for the first time we are full time RVer's.
Enjoying our life on the road trying to figure out exactly where we would love to settle down. 

I've  had a hard time keeping up with my blog as you all know but I really don't 
have the heart to let it go completely.  So I am thinking if I join in some 
Challenges it would give me that kick start I need to get blogging once again.

I'm playing along with Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday
I thought I would share some photos of some pretty flowers I got from my Hubby. 

for some reason Yellow is so hard for me to take photos of. 
But I do love the contrast of the blue Ball jar with the yellow flowers.  

And I also LOVE the blur from my macro lens.

I'm also joining in with Kathy's Song-ography
This weeks song is "Give a little bit" by Roger Hodgson

Hummmm... How does this photo work for the prompt.. 
I'll have to ponder on that. Really I just wanted to show you this photo.  

Now this photo might work..  These two little cuties gave me a little bit of a smile. 
OK..  Maybe just one of them gave me a little smile. 
The other is still wondering why she has to wear that hat.

These two little cuties are my Grand Nieces. 
That makes me fell so old saying that. Hee Hee.


Well I do hope you all had the Merriest of Holiday's
And wishing you a Happy 2015.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


How are you?

We have settled in for a bit here in the Big State of Texas.
This is my first time here in this state and I have to say I am
pleasantly surprised.  We were planing on staying near Houston area when
some proud Texans we met on the road informed us that we must stay in
Hill Country.  And I am glad we took their advice.

 This shot is from right here in the RV park that we are staying at in
Kerrville, TX.  Since we have been here the grass has yellowed a bit but
I sure am glad we got here before that happened. 

While we were here in Texas we decided it would be the perfect time to
catch a cruise. No flight expense if you know what I mean. 

We had lots of fun playing with these little fella's.
They were on our stop in Honduras. 
Usually I feel bad about the caged animals, but these monkeys were
not in cages they roamed free in the jungle but would come in for the free snacks the
guide would give them.  Win Win for all. 

 Back in Texas we took a day trip over to San Antonio.
WOW..  is all I could say.  We had so much fun strolling along the river walk.

Another shot of the River Walk..

And of course you can't come to San Antonio 
without visiting the Alamo.

The one thing I can say about Texas is that the folks here in Texas
are about as Proud of their state than anywhere we have been so far.
They fly their Texas flag everywhere..  
Kinda cool to see...

We are only here in Texas for another week and a half.
We are headed back to Vegas to celebrate Christmas with our Families.

I do hope everyone has a
Happy Thanksgiving.

Till next time my friends.