Tuesday, November 25, 2014


How are you?

We have settled in for a bit here in the Big State of Texas.
This is my first time here in this state and I have to say I am
pleasantly surprised.  We were planing on staying near Houston area when
some proud Texans we met on the road informed us that we must stay in
Hill Country.  And I am glad we took their advice.

 This shot is from right here in the RV park that we are staying at in
Kerrville, TX.  Since we have been here the grass has yellowed a bit but
I sure am glad we got here before that happened. 

While we were here in Texas we decided it would be the perfect time to
catch a cruise. No flight expense if you know what I mean. 

We had lots of fun playing with these little fella's.
They were on our stop in Honduras. 
Usually I feel bad about the caged animals, but these monkeys were
not in cages they roamed free in the jungle but would come in for the free snacks the
guide would give them.  Win Win for all. 

 Back in Texas we took a day trip over to San Antonio.
WOW..  is all I could say.  We had so much fun strolling along the river walk.

Another shot of the River Walk..

And of course you can't come to San Antonio 
without visiting the Alamo.

The one thing I can say about Texas is that the folks here in Texas
are about as Proud of their state than anywhere we have been so far.
They fly their Texas flag everywhere..  
Kinda cool to see...

We are only here in Texas for another week and a half.
We are headed back to Vegas to celebrate Christmas with our Families.

I do hope everyone has a
Happy Thanksgiving.

Till next time my friends. 


Friday, October 31, 2014

Hello my Friends

I'm Back to share some TOTALLY random photos with you.
No rhyme or reason. Just some random shots.

We have been on the move since we left Colorado
So just in case you were wondering where we have been,
(You have been wondering right) LOL

Chicago, Illinois
 Bardstown, Kentucky, 
Nashville, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Springfield, Missouri
Hot Springs, Arkansas 

Not all the leaves have changed here in 
Hot Springs Arkansas.

We have been getting out and doing lots of hiking.
This particular trail was in Branson, Missouri.

This is the front porch to one of the Historic Bath Houses
in the town of Hot Springs, AR

 A beautiful hike we did in Branson, MO
Hard to believe this trail was not too far from downtown.

This is probably one of the most beautiful chapels  I have seen.
All glass for a view of the beautiful landscaping. 
"Anthony Chapel"
Hot Springs, AR  

A perfect little spot to take a break from a long hike.
"The Grand Promanade"
Hot Springs, AR

It has been a while since I have seen a sunset.
Way too many trees. :)  We happened to catch the tail end of this sunset. 
Springfield, MO

We just arrived in Shreveport, Louisiana
This morning.  Can't wait to go out exploring.

I also wan't to tell you that I'm sorry about my word Verification
being turned on. I have turned it off a number of times but not working.
It's still on!  Drats..  But I will keep working on it.
Please let me know if you have any hints on how to turn it off.

If you want to see details of our travels you can go to my
hubby's blog.  HERE

Thanks so much my friends.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello Y'All

That's how they greet you here in Missouri.
We just pulled into Missouri yesterday and what a beautiful drive it was. 

We had come from a beautiful little state park just outside of 
Memphis, Tennessee.  Once again we were without internet while we
were there but WOW what a beautiful place to be stuck with no Internet. 

When we left Colorado the leaves were all starting to change.
I just love this time of year.

In Rocky Mt. National Park we got to see the aspens change.

Lots of Beautiful hiking there as well.
If you're ever in Colorado you must go to Rocky Mt National park.

But here in Tennessee and Missouri it seems like fall has just arrived. 
Still lots and lots of green everywhere.  With a sprinkling of fall colors. 

Did I tell you how much I LOVE this time of year.

We will be here in Missouri for a week.
I have a little sister who lives here that I'm hoping to meet up with.

A little peek of the spot we had in Meeman-Shelby state park.
So many trees we could barely get our slides open.

We did get a new RV..  Been trying to come up with a new name.
I LOVED the name of our old Rig.. "BIG BERTHA"
Might just have to go with Big Bertha 2..

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I Really do appreciate all the wonderful comments my friends.
You are all so kind,


Monday, October 13, 2014

Seems just like yesterday...

Hello Friends. I do hope everyone is doing well.
It's been so long since I posted I almost forgot how to do it. 

I had started this post about a dozen times to share
how our summer was going.  Well as you know that never happened.
Either I couldn't get the photos to download or was just too busy to get
to it..  I had even taken my laptop to the library and only got half way
through my post before we had to leave.  And then time just got away from
me.  Very Easy to do when your in a beautiful place like Estes Park, CO

Well now that summer is over and we are well into the Fall season
I have a lot of catching up to do.  I sure have missed being here on my blog.
And really missed keeping up with all of you. I am going to share some photos of
our summer and also I will share photos of whats going on now.

Now that we have left Colorado, We are on the Road once again.  We have been to
quite a few places. Chicago, Kentucky and we are in Tennessee right now.
I know that full time RV'ing isn't for everyone but it most certainly is the life for us.
The things I love are seeing new places and meeting new people.
We will be on the road now for quite awhile.  Six months to be exact.
So I am hoping to say in touch and blog about our journey. 

 While we were in Colorado the wildlife was amazing.  This fella would stop by in 
the morning and munch on the grass.  Always a treat to watch as I sipped my Coffee in the morning.

And you know there is no shortage of these fella's
also so fun to watch.  

One of the best parts of being in Colorado was that Rocky Mountain National Park
was only about a 20 minute drive.  And we Loved to spend time there.  The Hiking
was amazing. And if you were lucky you could get a glimpse of the wildlife
in the area.  I really don't know for sure what kind of bird this is but he
was begging me to take his photo.


I have to confess the other reason I have been missing in action is that
I am knee deep in a 365-project on instagram and I am loving it.
Here is just a sample of a few of the shots I have posted.

My instagram name is

Well its so good to be back and lets hope I post again real soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by.