Friday, September 11, 2009


For Labor day weekend we pulled our trailer down
to a campground named White Horse Lake. This
campground is about a half hour away from
Williams, AZ. Most of the half hour drive was
on a dirt road, once we were at the campground it
was worth the bumpy ride. It was Beautiful.
I woke up early and caught the sun coming up, at times like
this I wish I had a better camera. This picture doesn't even
start to show how beautiful this morning was.
We took a drive into Flagstaff, AZ while we were
camping, Which was also about a half hour away.
The pictures below are of just a few shot we
got while in Flagstaff. What a fun little town.
I had never been there and I would love to go back
and explore some more.

This picture was taken in Williams, AZ.
Just like Flagstaff, they also had some cute

Best campsites to book are 35, 19, 21
It took us about 4 1/2 hours to drive there.
Great for ATV's


Becca said...

I think your pictures are great Linda! I'd love to go back to Flagstaf too, it's been such a long time. Love the cow! ;)

theneon said...

Great photos of Flagstaff and Williams. You had a great time I think! My husband is a "native" of Flagstaff and had never been out of the state until we married! We now live just outside Phoenix and it is hotter than Henderson even.