Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby, It's cold outside....

Here is a picture of our back yard last year when
it snowed. We didn't get lucky enough to get snow
two years in a row! I know my fellow bloggers that
live back east are wishing they could say that!
My best friend, Rebecca over a Patina Moon
also has some Great picture from when it snow
here in Vegas! You should stop
by her blog and and check it out. She also has
some pretty cool vintage pictures she has posted!
Thanks for stopping by,


Becca said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the nice comment. I actually had been on earlier and left a comment and you had 2 photos up? Maybe you were in the middle of the post when I was visiting. I liked the other photo you had up too, but as I said before, your backyard is perfect for this. It looks so cool with the pool.

A.Marie said...

You are so lucky! A POOL!! :) I agree with Becca...the snow does go lovely with the pool! Right now, we have snow but not a ton, but that could change within the next 24-48 hours along with ice.!! The forecast just keeps gettin' better and better! HA! :}

SonyaAnn said...

That is a beautiful picture and I'm loving the pool. It's a mess here on the IL/WI border. My son shoveled for about an hour and got about half the driveway done and then the neighbor came over with a snow blower and worked on it for a while. And we have a small driveway!! I HATE snow. We call it the white $***!

kado! said...

I was so sad that I had moved away when Vegas had that crazy snow storm! in Vegas I do know that it can snow...I remember some January's where there has been snow...even a little is fun! ...or we just take ourselves up to Mt. Charleston! The cabins are so fun up there..have you stayed in them? I miss that Winter escape!! ;)