Monday, January 18, 2010

It's raining here in Vegas and I am Loving it. I have the
day off for MLK day! Yea! It's so nice just to listen to the rain
while working on a craft.
Here is my card I did for this weeks Mojo Monday
Challenge!! I stamped the butterfly and colored him
and then cut him out. I used pop dots to raise him up
a little. I don't think you can see that in the
picture. I also used my glitter pen on him.

I just thought I would add a couple of pictures from

a quick little trip we took with our trailer this weekend

to Lake Mead! It's only about 15 min. from our house!

It was a nice little getaway!

We took a ride on our bikes from the camp ground down to
the Marina. It was pretty tough riding back up hill.

We think the kitty like camping to! Maybe wishful thinking.

I hope everyone has a great Mojo Monday! Hopefully I'll
be back for Tag Tuesday tomorrow!


Jules said...

Beautiful butterfly creation and lovely Lake Mead shots!

Happy MLK day to you, too! I ended up working, but did enjoy trekking across town and getting to view the varying vistas with the gorgeous overcast/stormy weather. Loved the cloud-capped mountains!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Jacqueline said...

Linda, I love your butterfly card - just gorgeous and enjoyable!

kado! said...

oh my gosh...i almost have tears from your post today....we used to have our boat in a slip right there at that marina...I will have to show my husband these pics. We loved weekends water still looks so low! While I was pregnant with my youngest we would go out the the boat every Friday and watch movies on it and sleep in the slip with our oldest...then have breakfast at the restaurant. Oh...what fun memories!

here is a funny weekend while on that dock watching the disgusting carp beg for food my oldest accidentally dropped his game-boy he was playing...he went to grab it and accidentally kicked it across the slow motion it slid under the railing and into Lake Mead...he was devastated...and I'm sure one of those Carp have a game-boy inside its belly today!

....i had to stop by the store and buy him a new one once we got home...we still talk about that...!

thanks for the photos..and trip down memory lane.... ;)

SonyaAnn said...

I love your cards! They are always for unique.
And it looks like you had a great getaway! Thank you for sharing.
Have a great short week!

Becca said...

Hi Linda, I love your photos! Feel like I haven't been online in a while. Hope to get caught up this weekend when I have some time off.