Friday, June 18, 2010

It's A Blog Party....

Karen Valentine is having a little Party, or should I
say a real BIG PARTY!  It's her 2nd Annual
So I decided to go to the party! 
I am so excited to see every ones spaces

So here we go!

Here is a peek into my Craft Room!
Or as I like the call it,


I just love this room, Just listening to music and
being creative here, Makes my Heart Smile!
   It look so clean right now!  But most of the time you
 you can't even see the table top. 

My Bead Lamp is one of many things I just
Love in here!  I got it as a white elephant gift for
Christmas!  One persons trash is another man's

I made the Little SIMPLIFY sign.
I just love the way it turned out!
Words to live by!

One of the things  I love to share about
my Craft room is it's frugal cost!
Let me explain.  My two craft
 Tables my husband found
on the side of the road, to be thrown away!
A little paint and I sanded down the top and
refinished it and walla and new craft table for
Also the little drawers
 that my sewing machine is on,
my next door neighbor was throwing it out,
so you know I had to bring it home,
 and  in the craft room it went.

OK I see you eyeballing my Pink Big Shot!
I bought the Pink one because it was on
clearance for about 1/2 the cost.
I think the color is growing on me!

This is the table top of another table my husband
found, He used his handy dandy Saw and cut it in
half,  The other half has all the legs and is sitting on
my patio,  These cubical and drawers were in
 my daughter room.
  When she moved out she didn't want them, 
So in the craft room they went!  Put the
table top on them and I have a another table.
 That little stool
Yep, I'm going to say it again, I came from someones
trash...  I just made that little cover for it!

This is the inside of my Closet!

OK I must admit I just Bought these little shelf's.
They are for Shoes. And the cost was less than
20 Bucks.

  So with all the money I saved on furnishing.
I can go to the Craft Store! 
Another one of My Happy Places!

Of Course My Craft Room would not be Complete with
out my Kitty hanging out with me!
So I hope you enjoyed seeing
Thank you Karen for throwing such a fabulous Party!
Hugs, Linda


Becca said...

Aw Linda, my BFF! This is a great post, and your photo is so cute! I love all the tables you got from the trash, my neighbors don't have any cool trash like that. :-) I didn't take a photo of my closet, it's pretty scary I need to organize it like yours is. I think my favorite thing is still that lamp! I hope to see this in person soon, afterall we only live a short few miles away!
Hugs, Bec

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Now I know where you create those beautiful cards and art....I can virtually SEE you and have a real vision of where your wonderful inspiration comes from!!!!
Now. We ARE friends, right? I need the biggest favor ever. Please come over and work your creative space magic in my room and make it as organized and pretty as yours! I'll even drive you down the streets so you can find trash in people's yards to put in my make it look soooooo easy and fun! AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I'm totally loving it's such a happy place INDEED!!!!!

Julie said...

Linda,how lucky are you! what a treat to have your own space to organise your stash,I'm sure it must make it easier for you to create your masterpieces. Unfortunatley I end up spending half my crafting time searching out my stash and then putting it back away.(usually in a hurry which adds to my disorganised space,time certainly runs away when I start playing).x

Lovey said...

To have your own space! Wonderful! Looks like a beauty too! Very nice "Happy" Place!

A.Marie said...

OH, I love love LOVE your Happy Place! I love everything from the color of the walls to the floor where kitty lays! I can see why you love being in that room. I also love your beaded lamp; that is so cool-looking! :)

Rebecca said...


I loved seeing where you create my friend. My first time to your little hideaway and it just lovely! A real HAPPY PLACE!

Love to you~


ain't for city gals said...

Storage storage and more storage!!! What else do you need?? looking great!

Lynnda Hosni said...

I love your tiny craft room... perfect place to be!!! Simple and nice and also NEAT...I love it... someone's trash being someone else's treasure...this is so true, isnt it?... really great!!!...xx

Jane Wetzel said...

your little "Happy Place" is totally awesome! Hey...if we lived closer we would have a blast cuz I am a GREAT believer in roadside "trash" too! he he! very very cute room and it looks so darn dont want to see mine! :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for sharing Linda, I love your Happy Place, look how neat your closet, I am afraid to show mine, LOL, that's why I hide all my junk and pretend that I am neat and tidy (my husband is a neat freak, LOL!) wait till he see my crafting space 12 months later.
We are flying back this afternoon, maybe we could meet up this coming week? (so excited!)

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

What a cozy and inviting space! and what would a creative space be without a kitty (or two) ?
I use the shoe shelves too! they are just right for holding paper etc.

bee'nme said...

Hi Linda!

LOVE your Happy Place! I can see why you call it that - so light and bright and full of goodies! Love how you've incorporated castoffs - that's so fun, huh? (hurray for handy hubbies!!!)It is really a wonderful space. I love those cute tags on your bulletin board and how you hung your ribbons!

Thanks for stopping by too! I look forward to visiting again!

Hugs & Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I love your creative space! Can't believe it was mostly from things other people through out....alot of my treasures in my room are from the second hand stores or given to me too! I enjoyed my visit to your craft haven....thanks for stopping by to visit with me too:)

Gloria said...

How fun and very frugal. Great place to be creative. Thanks for sharing. said...

I know what you mean about white elephant gifts, I always love them. Usually the givers think they are funny, but they are usually some thing that I think is cool!

Susan said...

Oh very nice. I spotted the ribbon right away. Love it all. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog. Susan

Netty said...

Thank you Linda for sharing your beautiful craft room, who wouldn't be happy there, its gorgeous. Love your work also. Annette x

Malisa said...

What a wonderful work space! I can almost hear the music playing! Thanks for a glimpse into your studio and your life! Come vist me!


sissie said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leaving such a nice comment.
I love your workspace. It's lovely and so well organized. It's great to have a husband is so handy with redoing furniture. Great job and wonderful finds.


Suzanne C said...

Love the pictures of your craft space! Awesome space and love the re-cycled furniture.

Kit said...

I love the happy color of your space! Perfect! Thank you so much for visiting me! Kit

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Thanks for sharing your creative space with all of us Linda! It looks like an awesome "get away!"

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

SUPER nice space! WOW
LOVE the wall color and everything!

Anonymous said...

Hey HAPPY this is where you're hanging out when you make those awesome tags & treasures!!! I'm lovin it :D

I love the beaded lamp...gotta find me one of those...very clever to fix the 'finds' and use them to should bring the neighbors up to see the room and wonder if they'll recognize their throw aways? LOL

This was a wonderful BLOG PARTY and kudos to KV for doing it...look at that'll take me months to visit everybody, but I wanted to start with my sweet friends who stop by to visit BEAR and me on a regular basis.

Thanx for the comment...come by my space anytime :D


zandra said...

What a great creative space! So, well organized. One of my many goals for the next party! ;o) So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

P.S. If you don't like your pink big kick I'd be glad to take it off your hands. ;o) Love it!

Queen Bee said...

Love your creative space! Love the pink big shot and your tags are wonderful!
Queen Bee Studio

Lori said...

Linda, this room screams 'HAPPY"! I love the color of your walls and I see birdhouses too---my favorite! I love your room and am inspired. I'm a follower for sure! I love your creations. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well and leaving a wonderful comment.

Chris said...

What a darling space! So many fun treasures!
Best wishes,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

Romeo said...

What a great creative studio!!! And complete with the most important thing ever....cats!!! "She" loves the idea of using shoe storage shelfs - how great is that, purrfect size yes? We really enjoyed our visit. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!


Romeo and "her"

MosaicMagpie said...

I love the name of your blog! That craft room is great and I love all the stories about where you aquired the furniture. Made me smile.

SonyaAnn said...

You and your room are adorable!!!
Have a wonderful week!

Tricia said...

You have such an awesome space for creating. It is so organized - I am impressed. I think it would be great to one day have my space that organized - I could probably think a lot better. Maybe someday....Thanks for sharing - I love your artwork. Blessings,

Liz said...

Wonderful! I love your room. I have the same little VHS tv in my craft room. It still works great. HE HE :)


craftyles said...

I love your craft space. Love that you thrifted many of the items. You go girl. Your room is a Happy Place!

Sherry said...

I just love the color of your walls in your "Happy Place". I have that color in my house. You have done a great job repurposing furniture, I think that is part of what makes the room cozy. I hope you enjoy many hours of creating in your Happy room. Thanks for visiting me. It has been fun to visit you.

Lynn Richards said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Blueskies, Linda-you make me smile!!!
I love your truly is a happy place, isn't it? I can tell!
Where did you get the wire piece on the wall that holds tags? That is my favorite, well, along with how you found all your pieces in the trash!!! Awesome.

Caleen said...

I really loved visiting your space. I love your room and it is full of color. I love the tables and how you fixed them up.. I love repurposed stuff.. I can tell you really love your space and enjoy creating all the beautiful things. Love your tags. Lots of great treasures. I enjoyed peeking. Thanks..

The Catnap Cottage said...

Fabulous space to create! Beautiful wall color and I love your sweet stories! Thanks for sharing! It is perfect for you!!

Claudia said...

I can see why you call it your happy place! And you've found such wonderful treasures for free! You can't beat free! It all looks wonderful.

Debbie~ said...

Your creative space is wonderful, I see why you call it your 'happy place', I looove how organized it is and I too am a thrifty person and really can appreciate all your finds for your space! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Calico Petals said...


Thanks for visiting Calico Petals.
Your creative space is well organized and cute.

Thanks for caring and sharing.

Jill @ Calico Petals ♥

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Linda, What a cozy place to create, it was such a warm and welcoming feel it it, It is a Happy Place!!!!!

kluless said...

Your craft room is wonderful and I love hearing the stories about repurposing old furniture. Fixing up old furniture is for sure my first love! I, too, love your "white elephant". Thank you for sharing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your roadside finds are awesome! Isn't it fun when we can find things that we can repurpose and they don't cost anything. Thank you so much for inviting us to visit.

Jillayne said...

Love your happy places; both your blog and your room. It's just lovely and so well organized; it's easy to see why it makes you happy! Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Geilmann - TSFL Coach said...

I just love your happy place, beginning with this darling brown pink and green boarder. You room is so comportable and it truly does make me happy. So does your music.

come visit

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Linda, I can see why you call it your happy place! That color of yellow is wonderful! I believe things made with a little elbow grease are priceless! Thank you so much for joining the party and letting us all get a little happy!
My Desert Cottage

Terri said...

Your space must me a reflection of you...happy and bright..Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Cathee said...

Thank you for the tour and yes your kitty does look just like mine! They are so sweet and make my day alot of times!Really love your use of your space and your closet is so organized!

donnaj said...

great room! thanks for sharing-don't you just love finding free "stuff!"

jammertail designs said...

Hi Nancy! Love your, I am impressed...looks like you have lots of nice storage :) I love the idea of taking in the old items and fixing them up. I have a few of those myself :) Wouldn't it be nice if our tables would just stay Like that's ever going to happen...hehehe Thanks for sharing your room...I'll have to do that again some time...but when my rooms clean next time.

Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving me more messages! Sally

June said...

Linda I love that you call it your happy place. That's just how I feel about my own too! You have everything you need there to make your art. What a delight to see!

Anonymous said...

What a happy place, ideed, Linda! I instantly felt at home..and just wanted to rummage through all your cool supplies and have a play. Of course, I would have done so neatly..I like to keep things pretty orderly as you do.

Oh, and the kitty is gorgeous! It's lovely to meet you...


Halle said...

I love that you've spent very little money on your craft room. Re-purposing someone what else views as trash is awesome! I love your lamp as well!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very clever to use the tabletops in different ways and very clever of your hubby to bring them home! You have a great area here and I love your Simplify sign. I'm seeing so many great storage ideas from everyone that I hope when I get my own real room I can incorporate some of them. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Still making my way through the list. So many wonderful places to visit and I don't want to miss any! I have yet to find any of those great curbside finds so many of you have scored, but I love those stories! You've done such a wonderful job of pulling it all together and making it a FUN Mr. Kitty too, esp. his markings. Thank you for sharing your space! Xo, Sue

Miss Sandy said...

You scored some really great finds for furnishing your studio! Great organization too! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

curlysusieQ said...

I love your chandelier. You found some great deals and I love your storage ideas for the closet. Nothing like finding a deal, saving money to spend on supplies. Thanks for sharing.

Lynnae said...

I like your cheerful yellow space. It seems so happy. Your organization and creation of storage from 'found' pieces is so awesome. I also noticed all the lovely tags on the bulletin board. You must do a lot of swaps! Your work is so cute.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Linda, your room looks like a happy place. I think artists are best at recycling and making things beautiful again. Great job. Thanks you for sharing your studio. Connie (P.S. I love your beaded light too!)

fairyrocks said...

Lovely space Linda!! So tidy and beautifully personal

Renee said...

I'm still visiting all the bloggers rooms. I love your room. Love all your tables and things. How great to get free things that look so nice.

Enjoyed your blog, I'm a follower now:)

Artzy Heart said...

Your happy space is contagious! Although my studio has only been up for 5 days, I'm also thrilled to be listening to your music. Your creativity and husband's mad skills are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Scrapping With Sherry said...

When I saw that we do the same crafts I took a little tour of your site. I love your stuff. You are a very talented lady. I also love all of the great inpirational words you have in your craft room.

I have only been blogging for a month but I hope to take part in the event next year. BTW~ I am having a giveaway to celebrate the 30 day anniversary of my blog... Yes, only 30 days! I would love it if you would come by and visit at Hope to see you there~ Sherry

Faye said...

Linda, your crafting place is so much neater than mine is.

Joanna K said...

Wooooow, I just looooove your craft room! It's beautiful! I love everything about it and it's got your name and your soul all over it! It's so pretty that no wonder it's such a joy being in there, even if just to look at the walls, listen to music and do nothing! And it's even more special that you gave all those items of furniture another life. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What a bright and happy space! Really love all your signs (inspire, create, and simplify)--of course Simplify is the best because you made it. :D
So great you were able to furnish your craft room with so many trash-to-treasure pieces. Clever to make the desk with the cubbies and found table top. And it all looks so cute, you would never know they weren't purchased specifically for your area.

lisa said...

This room is an absolute dream!!!

Ewa said...

OH, your room looks great, mine is not orgenized at all, but I hope one day it will look at least half as nice as yours :)