Friday, July 30, 2010

Escaping the Heat!

Well,  I am so excited that we get to escape this heat once again!
One of the reasons I love summer is because we are lucky enough
to get to go camping to some wonderful places..
We are taking off for another enjoyable trip
to Central California.

Just to let you know,  I am so Sad because I ran out of
time this week to play one of my favorite Challenges
Hopefully I will get a chance to stop by and see all
 the wonderful Tags made this week! 

We are headed to beautiful BIG SUR, CA..
I just love this campground. There are so many Big
beautiful trees here and It's right on the coast..

I am hoping to see some of these!

And What is a Vacation without a little shopping!

And I am hoping to get a lot of relaxing done by the
Big Blue Sea!

And this is for my BFF Bec, I think we are the only
two people who like watching these Bird..
My Hubby says they are like flying rats..
I guess I just like them because they hang out at the
ocean.  One of my favorite places to hang out!

The Best part of having a trailer is we can bring these guys
with us..  That's right they are going with us and they are
so excited.  Can't you tell. I can see it in there eye's.

Thank you so much for stopping by,
 I so love reading all your comments...

Hugs, Linda


Ros said...

Have yourself a wonderful holiday ... I am so jealous ... wanna come with you ... after all- I love seagulls ... adore cats ... shopping ... etc etc

Netty said...

Great photos Linda. Have a smashing vacation. Annette x

Heather Jensen said...

Have a wonderful trip! I am totally jealous..I want to go to CA too. Is there any room for me? :)
Your cats are too sweet. I don't think my cat would be so happy to go.

Jacqueline said...

I can totally imagine your wish to escape the heat and camp out by the sea! Hope you have a wonderful time Linda with hubby and cats! We will be close to the sea front too - LOVE the sea!

Lynnda Hosni said...

Have a good and safe trip Linda!!!.... Love all the pictures... and now I can't wait for my summer holidays!!!....xx

Becca said...

Fun pictures Linda, have a wonderful time, I know you will! Maybe when you get back it will be a little cooler? Maybe? Hope you find some good shops and I like the seagull picture. I love to hear them when we're on the coast. Chat with you soon!
Hugs, Bec

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh you lucky gal another camping trip and to such a beautiful place. I haven't been to Big Sur in about 35 or so years, far to long! Have a wonderful time but I don't need to tell you that, of course you will!
hugs lynn

Joanna K said...

Have a lovely holiday hun! I really envy you that you get to take your fluffy friends, too. We are off to Poland next Friday but our sweet fluffy boy will have to stay in a kitty hotel ;(. Oh well! Have a good time! xx

Terry said...

Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the coolness! I live in the desert also, so I know about the heat and dryness! So wonderful that you take the fur kids and yes, they look real excited!

Catherine said...

How wonderful to be able to take kitties camping with you. I'm sure they are very excited... on the inside! Ha!!!

Hope you have the most wonderful weekend Linda!
xo Catherine

Tracy said...

Have a wonderful vacation Linda! Can't wait to see all the great photos I know you'll have to show us when you get back.

Suzanne C said...

Have a lovely vacation! Enjoy and relax!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Good to see your great pictures again Linda, I love the seagulls too, just love the sound they make and when I see them, I know I am near the water, that's the best part!
Enjoy yourself!

Sylvia said...

What gorgeous pictures! I especially love that you don't have to leave your cats! I can't go on vacation, I have four I just can't leave! Have a wonderful vacations!

Faye said...

Linda, your pix are beautiful. I hope you have a grand time on your trip. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my tulips.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Have a safe and happy trip! Your babies are so lucky to travel with you! I have to leave my fur babies when I travel :(

Lori said...

Have a wonderful time! What fun to take your kitties with you. I'm afraid my kitty would be a terror!