Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blissful ATC Swap!

I just wanted to do a quick little post about a little swap that I am
playing in.. It's a ATC swap. I have never made an ATC and thought
it would be fun to give it a try..

They are so much smaller than what I thought
 they would be.  But I really did enjoy making it!
 The Theme of this month swap is

I have a little sad story to tell you. I didn't receive my
ATC in the mail. When I received my swap in the mail
The envelope had been ripped open at the top and
the ATC was gone.  I was so sad.  I couldn't wait to
see the wonderful little gift that Maria had made for me.

All I can think is that  there is a VERY HAPPY person out
there with my ATC, and that they needed it a little piece of
 wonderful Art to make there day..

So here is the ATC that I made for my partner Maria.
That wonderful image is from graphic 45.

So If you would like to join a wonderful little swap just
hop on over to Blissful ATC Swap and
join in for next month swap. I can't wait to try another one.

Thank you so much for visiting me, I hope you enjoyed your stay!

Hugs, Linda


Lynnda Hosni said...

That is so lovely... I love the orange and Black Combo... it really matches well.. beautiful!..xx

OH my Linda.... Sorry to hear that... hmmmm what can we do right? ...I'm having a similar problem too... xx

sweet craf-tea chick said...

what a beautiful ATC, linda! love the image and the colors. thanks for sharing.
sorry to hear you didn't receive your ATC :(.
hope you have a great nite.
*hugs* steph :)

Becca said...

Linda, I like the ATC you made! Good thing you have a macro lens huh? LOL! Too bad about your swap, I bet you'll be getting another one in the mail sometime!

Julie said...

Maria must be thrilled with the ATC you made for her,it is sooooo lovely,I just love the sunshine it creates,just beautiful.x

Anonymous said...

Your ATC is beautiful sweetie!
So sorry about your disappointment :D
Big HUG for you.

BLISS angels said...

OH Linda I so sorry.. That's has happen to me too a atc from my friend Maria never turned up she had to make a other one...if they are thick they sometimes get stuck in the michines.. and that rips them open.... Iam going to sent you one of mine... Hugs Wendy

MosaicMagpie said...

This is absolutly beautiful! I love the image and the Take time to dream! I am sure Maria will be sending another one soon.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Linda,
This is such a beautiful it! And I'm so sorry that you didn't get the one your friend made for you...When I mail out small things like tags, I back them with cardboard and put them in a bubble wrap envelope--thankfully, they make it there safe. That might be an idea if you need to mail any out in the future so it doesn't happen to ones you are sending.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Sorry to hear about the ATC that supposed to get to you!
yours is beautiful Linda, love that vintage image!
I might join in next month for the ATC swap, looks like fun!

Faye said...

Linda, I think you will really enjoy making and receiving ATCs. I was in a Yahoo group that swapped things. Also I was in Sisters Trading Cards for a while. I have notebooks full of those little pieces of art. You can buy the plastic sheets with 9 holders each for ATCs at hobby shops. They fit in a regular notebook. I've sent ATCs in regular envelopes before but I slip them into plastic and tape them to cardstock (tape on the plastic sleeve). Only complaint was when one had a sliver of mica on it. The mica got crushed.

That said, I really love your ATC. The oranges and reds just scream hot summer. Just beautiful.

Ros said...

Love you ATC... sorry about the one you lost though .... but as you say ... someone will be pleased XXX

Mona L. Pendleton said...

What a pretty ATC card! You surely made someone's day with the one MIA :)

Gerrie Johnnic said...

This is great, and your first one! wow, this is great!

Heather Jensen said...

Yours is super sweet Linda!

That is horrible. Sorry to hear that. I know how it is to wait for something special in the mail. :(

Stella said...

For someone who never made an ATC.... this is gorgeous. You are so creative and talented. Sorry you didn't receive your ATC. Someone out there is very lucky. And Maria is a lucky girl; she is receiving a beauty!

ain't for city gals said...

I'm loving that ORANGE..why and who is opening packages? That has happened to two people I know...I quit sending cash in the mail for my neices and nephews BD because of this..a check is just not quite the same for little ones..bummer

Jane Wetzel said...

well..hello lovely Linda! :) sorry to hear bout your swap steal! Big bummer...I have sent things to my sis and had them stolen- I now write on the envelopes sometimes!!-telling them it is a federal offense- (like that matters! lolol) I have had coffee cards stolen out of envelopes! gees- we live in a desparate time and I dont see a quick end to it... :( Off to check out the ATC swap cuz I absolutely LOVE making those little cuties! big hugs, jane

Jane Wetzel said...


Mina said...

oh wow Linda this is fabulous...I have never made an atc before but really must have a try
Mina xxx

Suzanne C said...

Wonderful ATc! Love the image and the design. So sorry your ATC didn't make it to you. :(

justinegordon said...

yay, yay, I am so glad you have signed up for the 365 challenge, we can do it together!

Lynn Stevens said...

I can't believe this was your first atc. You did wondeful job on it and orage is a hard color to work with,
So sorry to hear your atc was lost.
Send me your address in a pm I'd love to send you one of mine!
Hugs Lynn

Lynn Stevens said...

now if I could only learn to spell or double check before I hit that send button sheesh..

Linda64 said...

Really beautiful ATC. sorry to hear you didn't receive your ATC. I really don't understand people steeling... I would love to send you an ATC, please send me an email if you want me to ;-)

Maria said...

Oh Linda,
I just read my blog comments tonight, I can't believe your ATC was stolen!!!! I am just sick about it, how awful. I had it between two sheets of cardboard, wrapped with a ribbon. I am soooo bummed!!! I will send you another ATC and package it differently this time. I have padded envelops I use to ship jewelry. I am so disappointed that you didn't get it, big pooh! But I will send you another one this weekend. My classes started at the college and I am swamped during the week, but I'll make another one for you this weekend. No fun to swap and not get anything.

Big, Big Comforting Hugs!

P.S. I have shipped things forever and have never, ever had anything stolen, but I guess there is a first time for everything. I hope whoever has it likes art and the color orange.