Saturday, December 31, 2011

Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011

Happy New Year my friends..
As I look back at the past year, I can say
what a wonderful year it was.
Lots of changes have happened in 2011.
Some good and some not so good..

But I wouldn't change a thing..

I am playing along in Ashley's
Memories, Dreams and Reflections of 2011.

Most of these photos you have seen.
The prompts really do let you take a look
back at a year gone by!

I really don't have too many shots of myself..
My hubby caught this shot of me while on vacation in
California.  I Love that we both love to get out and
have some fun!!

I Love You!
Here is my Hubby.
He is the most wonderful guy!
We were definitely meant to be.. 
Once again this shot was taken while we were
on vacation in California.. 

Still Laughing

I just love this shot of Myles.. 
It makes me chuckle every time I see it!

Winter Wonderland
Nothing says winter like a warm fire
on a cold winter day!!

Here is a shot we took on our Birthdays!
Yep, It was both of our Birthdays.

I guess I definitely need to get some shots 
of me with my friends..  This is two little girls from
when I taught preschool..  I just love it!

I was inspired
One of the new things I tried this year was some
mixed media art.  I took some online classes.
They really inspire me to want to do more.. 
In fact I am taking a year long mixed media on line
course starting in TODAY!!

Spring Fever 
I had so many photos I have taken in the spring of
flowers it was real hard to choose..

Travel or Vacation
We must have gone to the ocean 3 or
4 times this year.. 
It's my most favorite place to go!

Summer Days
Hanging out by the pool is 
a perfect way to spend a summer day!

A day in the life
One of my favorite ways to spend my days
is crafting..  

All Smiles
One of the best things that happened to me 
this year was this little guy coming into my life.
He almost always had a smile for me!

Nothing says fall like a whole lot of leaves to 
rake up!! 

Family or Home
I could not find one photo of our whole family together..
That is definitely on my to-do list this year!
This photo was taken at a camping trip that our little family all
took together.  It was in Duck Creek, UT..
It was such a great time!

This is my daughter at her baby shower.. 
Don't you just hate those stupid games you have to play!

Let's do it again
And again, and again... 
I don't think I would ever get tired of camping
by the ocean.

I Miss You
If you are a follower of my blog
Then you know how much I miss these guys!!
But I already have a flight to Oregon
at the end of this month..

Do I need to say more!

Dressed up
My Nephew got married this year..
I wish them all the happiness in the world!

I just loved the way this guy sat so still posing
for me..

Myles' first Christmas.
Of course this is my favorite holiday shot.

My favorite shot
This shot was taken at the hospital
not too long after Myles was born..
I love them both so much!

Don't Ever Change
Lov'n Life..
I hope that never changes..

Just Because...  So There!
I have no idea why....  but I just love this shot!

Hopes and Dreams
As for this New Year...
I have a feeling it's going to be 
a great one.  My hopes and dreams 
are that everyone stays safe and healthy
and Happy!

To see everyone else's 
Photos you can hope over to Ashley's blog

Thanks so much Ashley for hosting
Memories, Dreams and Reflections.

I just want to say
For encouraging me and cheering me on
and making me feel so loved this past year.
You guys are the

Great Big Hugs,

I am out of town again.
And have limited internet service so
as soon as I get back I will catch up
with everyone!

Happy New Year!!


~* steph :) *~ said...

what a fabulous post, linda! it definitely made me smile :)! beautiful photos filled with love. thanks for sharing and happy new year :)! *hugs* steph :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

I love your year review Linda! I remember that shot of your camper on the ocean very of my dreams for me and my husband. We love to travel! I have thought often of you and your Myles and the rest of your family as I too, as you probably remember am separated from my only grandson Chandin...3 years old. Sigh. It's good to see my kids happy though. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you Linda for always stopping by so faithfully and commenting on my blog. I am happy we met this year! Happy 2012 and have a great time away!


PaperPumpkin said...

This was so so wonderful, Linda! Happy New Year! Kathy

ain't for city gals said...

Happy New Year Linda!..Let's make it a good one!

Terry said...

Beautiful post and photos - as always! Big Hugs!

Linda B said...

Happy New Year, dear friend!

lisa said...

You're the best my Friend, and these photographs are wonderful!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are JUST GORGEOUS!!! I love that one of Myles at Christmas! Happy New Year! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Tracy said...

Every single shot is a masterpiece! You are so blessed to have those photographic skills and the eye to find them. I'm so glad we've become bloggie friends. I can't wait to see what 2012 holds for you. Happy New Year my friend!
P.S. I TOLD you it wouldn't be long before you saw them again. LOL

cnelson said...

Amazing post Linda! LOVE it soooooo much! Your photography leaves me in AWE!!! Happy, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Becca said...

Such a beautiful look back at 2011! Happy new year my friend!

Sylvia said...

Absolutely fabulous pictures, Linda! I know you have had a wonderful Christmas if you took a photo of Myles first Christmas. I just got word that Colin and Kate are going to have a sister or brother in 2012, another grandchild is something wonderful to look forward to. Wishing you peace and love in 2012, Happy New Year, Linda!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Beautiful post! Happy New Year my friend!!!!

Kathy said...

Perfection! But that shot of the ocean while camping....ooooooh and aaaaaahhhhhh. And I totally see what that photo of Myles makes you laugh, such a fun expression on that cute face.


Nadege, said...

I love all the shots you have picked for this prompt...what a year you have had. Wishing you the very best for 2012.

Barbara said...

A great series of shots, I really love the kitty shot, and that one of your foot in the pool. Have a great 2012.

craftattack said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! Valerie

Sweepy said...

I love them all woofy much especially the cat and macro!

Jacqueline said...

Happy New Year Linda!
Love your photography and I also love the bells!
I would love to be able to make photos like this..!!

Catherine said...

I loved looking at all your photos! Wishing you a beautiful New Year Linda!
xo Catherine

justine said...

I really love your shots, a fantastic collection of memories they really are, you look like you are having such fun in each shot, it's great

Ros said...

Aaaah! what beautiful shots .... they make me sigh ...
Wishing you a wonderful 2012 ... hugs

Anonymous said...

wonderful set! wishing you a beautiful 2012!

Anonymous said...

congrats on such an enriching 2011. wish you a magical 2012 :) I'm a cats lover too. your mixed media art is simply whimsical. I'm glad you're learning more about it. sounds like a great project. I'm a new follower :) xxo

Julie said...

Just Wonderful! Happy New Year! x

Joanna King (aka Asia K) said...

Beautiful pictures, that must have been an amazing year for you!
Happy New Year!! xx

Ashley Sisk said...

What a wonderful collection - love your Me! shot. Hope you have a wonderful 2012.

S. Etole said...

What an enjoyable look at the year. Blessings for the new year ahead.

Emily Keaton said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos, Linda! I loved your year in review post. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! I can't wait to see all the great photos you take in 2012. :)

Katie said...

What a beautiful set of pictures! I can't even begin to pick my favorite, although I do love the "just because" shot, its so different! I hope you and your family have a wonderful new year!

Jessie said...

What a lovely and personal collection of shots. Enjoy that sweet grandson of yours this month and Happy New Year!

Deanna said...

what a beautiful collection of images of your year...can't even pick a fav out of all, but I have to say the ones of Myles are so darn have such a great for photography as well as your great design talents. Have fun in your new class, looking forward to seeing pics of your work. Happy New Year, my friend and big hugs.

Linda B said...

These are all great... BUT... I LOVE the one of you on the bike.

Heather Jensen said...

Beautiful pictures Linda. Happy New Year to you sweetie.

I am seriously thinking about getting into the mixed media art. Any great sites that I HAVE to see or classes I HAVE to take? :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post Linda! I can't believe you and your hubby have the same Birthday! Love the photos of your precious Grandson, he's such a delight.
Happy New Year! to you and your family
Hugs Julie P

Lynn Richards said...

What a terrific post, Linda! I really loved looking over your photos. I'm also excited to see what your mixed media class brings for you.
Happy New Year!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

A wonderful collection of favourites. With Myles and a loving family, you have had a very blessed year. Thank you for sharing these Linda.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautiful collection of your life Linda! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

Davi said...

OH such a fabulous collection Linda! Always such a pleasure to stroll down memory lane especially when its the best of life! Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful New Year my friend :)

Audrey Pettit said...

What a gorgeous post, Linda! Of all the New Year's posts I have seen, this is by far one of my absolute favorites. Your photos are so beautiful, and they truly spark so many emotions. I guess it's true that a picture speaks a thousand words. Thanks so much for sharing.
Happy New Year to you!

June Houck said...

Oh, this may be my favorite Linda post! You have a beautiful family (even the non-furry ones...LOL).

Happy 2012!!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

What a beautiful family you have, furry ones and all! Thanks for sharing so many wonderfully composed photos with us, Linda. They are truly gifts you give us!

Georgianna said...

Happy New Year, Linda! What a wonderful look back at your year in photos. I'm so happy you had so much to be joyful about. Wishing you an even better year in 2012! xo – g

LindaBrun said...

So many beautiful moments and pictures. Thank you for sharing them again... Big hugs to you

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous photos Linda, looking back you had an incredible year.
Wish I could say the same, but hoping 2012 brings me some health and happiness!
Hugs Lynn

Suzanne C said...

This was just a fantastic post full of so many beautiful pictures.

Sara said...

Gorgeous collection, love your summer days and just because! Your family shots are all so lovely and the photo of you on the bike is awesome!