Monday, March 26, 2012

Creating what I love..

Don't you just love blogging!
It's a place you get to show off your passion whatever it may be.
It is fun to connect with people with the same passion as you.
Build each other up! It's like having your own little team of cheerleaders
that keep you going.  I know for me I just love seeing all the inspiration
out there.  I am in awe most of the time when I am out there blog hopping.
My husband thinks it's a little crazy.  For some reason I am the only
person in the world that he knows that has a
passion to put everything on a blog.

Over at "Beyond Layers" Kim has asked a very interesting question.
She has asked why do we seek approval?
Do you sit and wait for the comments to come in?
Checking your computer or phone every 5 minutes to
see how many comments you have gotten?
Are we always trying to out do our last post?

Are you making what is in your heart or what will get
you more hits.  Are you stressed that it's not good enough?

Well I can't lie.  I do love all the attention you gals give me.
And I do get a little tough on myself when something doesn't
turn out the way I want it to.
But in return I have to say I really do enjoy giving that attention
right back. I just love seeing what you guys are
doing out there in Blogland.
And you are the most sweetest bunch of ladies out there.
I feel lost sometimes when I can't visit.

Sometimes when I am sitting on the couch with my laptop
and my husband is watching TV,  he will look over at me and ask me
why am I smiling at my computer?
And I have to say one of my friends just created something


Just look at this beautiful inspiration photo
Cheryl has for us this week over at City Crafters.

These colors just sing out that spring is here.

So here is the card I made using all these
wonderful colors.

I just love this little digi from "A day for daisies".
I had colored her hat with copic markers but it was not the
right color of pink so I did a little paper piecing.

I had used distress inks for the sky and the grass
but I couldn't get them to show up to well on the photo.

Either way I just think this is so sweet.
Thanks so much to Cheryl for such a fun challenge.
To get all the details on this challenge you
can hop on over to City Crafters Challenge Blog.

I am also entering my first photo into
Kims Texture Tuesday.  The texture I used on my
photo is "February magic edges".

Thanks so much for stopping by and listening to 
me rant an rave about blogging.
but I am pretty sure most of you feel the
same way as me!  You love it!

Hugs, Linda


Lesley said...

Your post speaks to me today. I have gone through a pretty wicked transition with my blog and have shifted my attitude toward it 360 degrees times 10!!! lol

I have gone from trying to build it into a business...posting to parties left and right, working my fingers to the bone on projects that I have enjoyed doing, but ultimately were fashioned to please to a life of just posting when I want, writing about what I want and I haven't posted to a linky party in over a month! lol

I wasn't keeping up with all the blogs I follow...I was burnt out. I have started back reading only the ones I truly enjoy. Not the ones that I only kept up with out of some blog building obligation!!! lol

Your music is peaceful...and so am I. Perhaps, I will never develop my blog into a business and I am okay with that now. It was an endeavor worth pursuing...

Emily Keaton said...

I hear ya on the blogging front! So few people in my life really "get" my passion for creating, so it is wonderful to connect with others who enjoy creating as much as I do. I love seeing what others are working on, I enjoy supporting others in their passions, I'm constantly learning from others, and I think it's wonderful that we can all be cheerleaders for one another. What a fantastic gift! And I like sharing what I'm working on because I learn so much from people's reactions, and I love sharing what *I've* learned from doing something with folks, too. It's a win-win!!!

Love that cute card you made with those fabulous springy colors!! The stitching just sets off your design perfectly. :)

Have a great day, Linda!!!!

Suzanne C said...

Beautiful photo! Love to see your creations! The digi image is adorable and love her pieced hat and shirt!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Hi Linda! Yes...I feel the same way about blogging. I think that as a blogger you give a lot of attention! You are always so faithful to visit my blog and I see you on other blogs all the have a giving nature and it's apparent everywhere you go.

Your card is the sweetest! Makes me wish I had had a little girl. I have to grown burly boys. : )

Heather Jensen said...

I agree with you on this. It is hard. I am very tough on myself. It is not easy to find a good balance of making/creating and visiting for me. It is either/or for me.

Your card is darling. Love the pink and sweet little birds. :)


TexWisGirl said...

you create and share much more art than i do. when i share photos of the world around me, i don't stress much - just try to make it enjoyable for folks. now, when i do my monthly drawing giveaway, i sometimes worry that it's good enough or whether folks will like it. and i always feel relieved when i get good responses. :)

Ros said...

Love love love your card ... such a beautiful image ...
I am like you when it comes to blogging ... I love to see all the creations and I love that I have friends out there that I can talk to ... I think we are our own critics ... I do what I do for me and if someone likes it .. that's great ... But I love hearing from everyone too ... have a lovely day!

kathyL said...

Love that green leaf with the sun shining through it. Your card is very sweet, too. So glad you are creating what you love!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

It's so true. I think it's how we judge our improvement & how we are growing. We all look for acceptance from our peers- it's normal. I love not only getting feedback from everyone that visits but I love visiting back to feed my own desire for beautiful & inspiring things.

Jennie Louise said...

ohhh Linda, I think you should be linking up with me aswell at 'Sunday School' Linky! ;-P
Especially for photographers and crafters... you do both!
But Seriously your artwork is AMAZING and I love that you are taking inspiration from colour palettes.
Jennie. x

Anesha said...

Love your photo and your card. The papers you used are beautiful. Strangely enough I was thinking about this same thing and why I blog. Got sidetracked by comments over but no more it's a space for me to share my passions. Great post. :)

Virginia L. said...

Here I am (nodding--yes, yes, yes!! LOL). So true about blogging. WE card bloggers do get each other. The instant gratification and satisfaction from our fellow blog friends are amazing! I adore the card you made! So much passion and love--I totally feel and get it! Thank you, Linda! What a great post!

Deanna said...

As I read Kim's words this week on acceptance and how we stress out over doing our best all the time I thought, how true. I think if we blog, we soak up that approval and encouragement to continue our quest to get better and better. Thank you for giving me that are a great blogging friend and give such lovely inspiration in all your talents.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

You had me laughing girl....especially when DH asks why are you smiling at your laptop....I have heard this:)
I like connecting to like-minded people and I have found so many talented artists is fun isn´t it! A great post today Linda....have a terrific Tuesday in Sin City..........

Wendy said...

oh yes, I know exactly what you mean. I was smiling at your sweet card for instance :)

hugs, Wendy

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

This is such a beautiful post... written by a person with a beautiful soul and talent! Thank you for blogging Linda, craft souls like you make it such an amazing experience! Beautiful Spring card! Hugs xxx

Kathy said...

It's tough, at least for me, to NOT be hard on myself. But I'm working on it one blog post at a time :). But I have to tell ya, YOUR blog always puts a smile on MY face.

Teresa O said...

Words of wisdom, indeed. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm finding it quite enchanting. The softness with the peachy pink color creates a unique view.

Gayle Price said...

Oh your photo is just beautiful, as always, I so wish I knew how to "work" photo shop, your photos always inspire me ( tell your hubby you are inspiring people so there is no way you can give it up lol ) and your little card is so sweet, love the birds. xx

Deborah said...

Your photo is spectacular, and you are correct, for me it is great to connect with people that share the same passion.

Julie said...

Check out your amazing paper piecing! I have been guilty as charged on all counts I think. I do tend now though to use Feline Playful to link projects I make after I've made them instead of making a project to fit a challenge! There is one particular challenge I do in order to get big hits if I see my blog number go too low/high. But I love the fact that I've found friends like you, I can see things in shops or on line and think "Linda would love that!" I never dreamt blogging would make me smile so much!.x

Catherine said...

A very thought provoking post my friend. I do tend to post what I am feeling but sometimes I post for the 'cat' people, and the 'photograpy' people, and the 'craft' people...well there is just so many interests isn't there? You are right, blogland is a beautiful place full of a lot of lovely people!

Such a sweet card Linda!
xo Catherine

Gillian Olson said...

Lovely words today as always. Blogland is a wonderful blanket that we wrap ourselves up in, cozy, fun, comforting and interesting to boot.

Tracy said...

LOL Your hubby's not the only one who thinks this is nuts. :-) When I call yall my friends he says, "They can't be your friends. You've never met them!" LOL Bloggie friends are a breed of their own and it's not necessary to "meet" to be friends. Like you, I enjoy reading comments on my work, but I put more emphasis on trying to make sure I get around to all my friends and leave them some love and encouragement. I feel guilty when I get behind, like I'm letting them down. I'm no great artist so I don't expect my blog to turn into some mega hot spot, but it sure gives me a lot of pleasure to be able to share my love of crafting with like minds. I think I've relaxed in my crafting enough to be able to make most of my projects something that I'm satisfied with. There's an occasional stinker in there every once in a while of course. LOL Thanks for voicing your thoughts. It's nice to get an insight into how others feel. :-) By the way your card is amazing! The paper piecing is fantastic and I love the design. Hugs! ♥

Mona L. Pendleton said...

So pretty Linda! That little girl looks so sweet! Great choice of patterned papers!

Davi said...

Well said my friend :) I love blogging, it is so much fun to meet new ladies, to share thoughts and creations and to see all the amazing talent out there! Speaking of talent I love your card. Great paper piecing on that sweet sweet image and the dp, stitching and flowers are so perfect with her:)

Lynnda Hosni said...

Hello My dearest friend...! Yes...I feel the same way about blogging ...I totally feel and get what you meant... Likewise as a blogger I give a lot of attention! ...Sometimes... I'm too hard on myself too... especially when i'm too busy or on holiday... I feel like I've missed lots of good stuffs!!! Anyway.. you are always so faithful to visit my blog ..and your sweet comments ...always put a smile on me... Thanks so much my friend!

I love your card Linda... the colors and that image is so pretty together.... TFS ~ hugs.....xoxo

yyam said...

Such a pretty card! Love all the pink!:)

P/s: Blogging has been far more rewarding than expected and I do get stressed out when I don't get the validation on projects I've slaved I love the friendships and the

yyam said...

oops...I didn't quite finish

support I get from the online crafting community! :)

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hello there my friend, Lovely post and yes I'm with you it's really fantastic to share! I do feel guilty if I'm behind with my visits but that's usual it seems! We are lucky to have this platform and although I have in the past moaned about Blogger, it's brilliant!!!
I love a Day for Daisies and your card is soo gorgeous, photos pretty special too, clever you, big hugs Gay xxx

Deb Hickman said...

Hi Linda, love this post !!! Blogging really has become part of my life now and I love it. I have made some lovely friends from all over the world, and I do enjoy the comments but sometimes stress if I haven't commented on my friends blogs if I've been busy but I always try and catch up. My blog has changed over the last year, as well as my love of crafting, it's a diary and family photo album which I have made into a book each year (thanks to you who gave me the link).
Gorgeous card, the little girl is so sweet, love how you paper pieced the hat.xxxx

Carol Blackburn said...

I am right there with you, Linda. I am the only blogger around these parts that I know of and when I tell people I blog they look at me strangely and say "you do?" It's like I am doing drugs or something illegal. Jeepers! it's only blogging. Being rather isolated here in Maine it's a great way to connect with like-minds and wonderful people. I used to sit and wait for the comments but not any more. I post what I am about at the time and my die-hard blogger friends read it and commment as they wish. Others send me regular emails to chat which I really love getting. So keep doing what you do, Linda, it's great. I enjoy being your blogging buddy.

Nancy Claeys said...

When you live in a small town in Nebraska, there isn't much competition... I may be the only blogger in these parts, but that's quite all right.

For me though, blogging is not a competition for comments or followers -- I just enjoy my farm and hope others enjoy the photos I take of it too.

You are such a nice lady and I love that card you created. So sweet. Have a lovely day, Linda. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for popping in to my little piece of blogand. Kim is like a know all, see all been there done that kinda gal who shares her wisdom with the masses. I love that I don't feel alone. Beautiful work and blog.

Audrey Pettit said...

Love this post, Linda! I can totally relate about the whole blogging thing. It can definitely be an up and down process, and I do re-evaluate my own blog often and my motivations. But when it comes right down to it, for me, it's like what you said.......I absolutely love connecting with other people out there that share my passion and I adore the sweet friendships that I've made with people I otherwise would never have met. I love seeing what my friends have been up to. The whole process is just a positive energy for me. :)
Your card is just THE sweetest thing ever! LOVE that image, and I love your soft coloring and the paper piecing. And what glorious layers! FAB!

Terry said...

Linda, that was a really sweet post, but considering who made the post, it is a given! Blogging is this wonderful world in which we makes friends and share so much and every now and again, get to meet one of our blogging friends!

Once again your card is just lovely and perfect coloring! Love that little cutie!

Have a beautiful day, GF!

Sylvia said...

Well, girlfriend, you got some really awesome responses to your "rantings about blogging". I love how you talked about doing something because you love doing it. That was what I said for my last CQC card! I did it because it made me happy, not because I wanted to do what was trendy, that I don't even like. The perfect challenge is one that recognizes the talent and enthusiasm the artist has shown as well as created something with good design and color. Love what you do, great motto! Your card is definitely a reflection of your happiness and let all the husbands think we are crazy, that keeps them wondering! Enjoy your day my special blog friend!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Your card looks really beautiful. Great image and soft colors.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Bruce should know you are not the only one now that he met one more here in Las Vegas, next time just tell him, Kirsty is this way too, LOL!
Beautiful picture and a lovely card!

Lynn Stevens said...

Linda your post made me smile. I feel the same way. I have connected to some of the most wonderful women out there in blogland. I feel like I've known them for years. I will be talking to my DH and say my friend so and so is going through this or that.
I love visiting my friends and seeing what they are up to. I just wish I had more time I need my blog fix daily. LOL
What a darling card, it just says spring is here!
hugs Lynn

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hmmmmmmmm I have actually never thought about it! lol!! I started my blog to share my family with family that have never met the kids so they could watch them 'grow up'... and then I started adding my art... and the rest is history... lol!! I actually started visiting peeps because I love seeing what's going on with my 'friends' and seeing their creations too... and I am happy when they visit me too... but I don't stress over it....

I love love love love your card!! GORGEOUS colors and loveeeeeeeeeee those flowers!!!

julieprice3 said...

I read on someone's blog recently "I love my computor all my friends live in there" I think we all love visitors and comments, I certainly do, but I also love to see what other people create, it brings happiness to my day, Thanks so much for making me smile again today
Hugs Julie P

Linda B said...

Amen to your thoughts on blogging... you expressed it all so well!
Lovely card for the challenge, Linda. Beautiful papers and a darling image... love the distress inks and your paper piecing... EXCELLENT!!!!

S. Etole said...

I thoroughly enjoy my visits here. Your cards always make my heart smile.

cnelson said...

How darling is this?!! LOVE! I do the same...just sit smiling at the computer at all the loveliness that my bloggie friends like you create!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I love your photo and your card. The added paper piecing is brilliant. Blogging certainly is a wonderful thing. The affirmation we give and receive also helps us find and fine-tune our own interests and talents, as well as those of others.

joelsuma said...

If I'm looking at the blogs that posted at Kim's - it brings to me such a lot of suggestions.
Your image of a Bougainvillea-blossom is so wonderful with this edition.

Jacqueline said...

Love seeing your photos but this card is just gorgeous my friend!!

Becca said...

Love your card. The girl with the birds is adorable! I think the blogging connection with other artists is so inspiring! Inspiration and sharing with other like minded souls is a beautiful thing. That's cute about you smiling at your computer. It always makes me beam when Russ says "I really liked your post today." I always tease him though about not getting the whole affect with the music and design and all...he follows through Google Reader, so I don't think he sees that part. It will be even more special to me that when I'm gone, you and I will always have this connection. :-)

Colleen Dietrich said...

I truly enjoyed reading this post in particular, Linda. I have all those same emotions about blogging, and a non-blogger just has no idea what is going on! LOL

I consider all of the wonderful people I've met online in blogland as my friends, too. They inspire me, lift me, encourage me, make my day. You are among those friends, Linda! I always smile when I see you've visited me. Biggest of hugs to you!!

LindaBrun said...

I love blogging, I love reading blogs for inspiration and the best part is making friends in blogland.

I love this card, beautiful paperpiecing and background.

Big hugs to you my friend.

lisa said...

Linda, this is just beautiful!
I think we all try to do our very best here, but to me the most wonderful thing about being here is all of the wonderful and kind people. You my Friend, are one of those, and I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!