Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keep your head up.

Hello my friends, I know I said I would get around to
visiting all of you but sometimes life throws you a great big curve ball 
when least excepted.

While on vacation in Oregon I received news that my Nephew was in a 
terrible accident and his sweet soul was in a better place. 
Lots and Lots of tears as we headed back to Vegas..

I don't think anyone had a clue how many lives this sweet guys had
touched,  But as the news got out, his Facebook page started to fill up with wonderful
stories.  He really was the sweetest soul and he loved life to the fullest. 

My sister decided instead of a regular funeral service, with all the sadness that goes with it.
She was going to have a huge party for him. That is what he would have wanted. 
  He was a lifeguard at one of the pools on the Las Vegas Strip and 
so the party was held at the pool where he worked. 
It really was a celebration of a life that ended too soon.  
He would have loved it.

What I remember most about my nephew is that he was always in a good mood
with a smile on his face..  He loved to dance and always would tell us he would be
famous someday.  I just know he is up in heaven dancing and singing.

So when life throws you a curve ball
You gotta keep your head up!
A life lesson from

Video by my nephew
Reid Haller

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